Stockpiling Food

A stockpile is a great thing to have and can provide huge cost savings. There is a fine line between stockpiling and hoarding so try not to get too crazy! As a new couponer, I felt that I needed to have a stockpile NOW but I have found over the years that it is much better to keep a smaller stockpile and build it slowly as you come across really great deals. I also think it’s good to know what you have on hand- either with an inventory list or a general idea (which is much easier if you are well-organized) of what you have an need. Non-perishable items are fairly easy to stockpile since they don’t have expiration dates and don’t take as much organization but they can take up a lot of space- think paper towels. My space is pretty limited so I am generally an under 10 stockpiler- I don’t have more than 4-6 of any item, unless we go through it super quick. I stockpile a lot of toiletries and pay a very minimal amount for them if I don’t get them free. I have not paid for toothpaste since around 2008 and I have enough on hand to get through the end of the year just in case I don’t find great deals, but that’s unlikely! I also always stock food items that I use on a regular basis but I have to make an effort to be efficient in organizing them. I arrange them by date to use the one expiring first so I don’t “lose” any products. Some food items I stockpile include broths, pasta, rice, canned goods (especially tomatoes), dried and canned beans, cereal, coffee and snack foods like granola bars or crackers. These expire a little more often so you have to stay on top of it. Stockpiles are great and it saves a ton of money but it’s definitely something you need to stay on top of to make sure you don’t over-buy or lose something that you end up not using. My best tip for stockpiling is to know what a stock-up price is on items that you or your family uses when you see them at a super great price. Start an inventory list if you have a larger stockpile and then you’ll always know what you have on-hand and what you need.

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