Survival Food Storage: How to store food long term for emergencies with A American Tactical Rifleman

Disclaimer: Diatomaceous Earth is a Carcinogen, and can cause cancer if inhaled. Wear a mask and do NOT inhale. Always and only, use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

In this video, Donnie shows us a great technique for proper storage of dry goods, like rice or beans. Yes, I’m a big believer in being prepared. Yes, I believe in stocking up on stable foods like MREs and freeze-dried meals. However, no one wants to live off of MREs for a year.
Everything Donnie uses in this video can be found at all the “Big Box” stores, from buckets to bulk bags of Rice. Remember if storing rice, go with the WHITE rice. WHile it seems that the wild rice would store longer; that is not the case, because it goes rancid after just a few years. Properly stored white rice will store for many years and even decades.
Donnie is a subject matter expert in Survival Preparedness. If you have questions for Donnie, please leave them in the Comment Section below. You know I read all your comments; I will pass them on to Donnie. Thanks for watching, TR.

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