TAC-BAR: Tactical Food Rations – Final Review

AMAZON LINK: http://amzn.to/2belQuf

TAC-BAR WEBSITE: http://www.tac-bar.com/

Tac-Bar is the only ration designed to perfectly fit into this standardized ammo can five at a time. Additionally, our 4 layer Mylar vacuum pouches have a thickness of 110 microns, the strongest around. Shipping, storage and deployment often damages food rations if they are not adequately protected, not a chance of that in our ammo can. Many prepper and tactical supplies are packaged in stackable ammo cans. Conforming to this system makes storage and deployment both practical and efficient. In a SHTF or extended tactical deployment scenario, food performance is paramount. There’s lots to consider whether bugging in or out. Fact is, your body needs real food to perform at its peak and retain mental clarity. Tac-Bar has been engineered for a specific balance of calories, fats, carbohydrates, natural sugars, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep you operating at your best. There is no other food that can compare with Tac-Bar’s daily recommended vitamin and mineral levels. Serious consideration to the physical size and weight of your provisions needs to be given. Tac-Bar is the highest calorie, vitamin & minerals combination per mass and volume around. There is no other ready to eat survival, emergency or tactical ration that contains real foods such as honey, oats or whey protein isolate. Tac Bar also requires no prep work, just snap off a piece and keep moving and stay alert. If you’re using a vehicle to head to your bug-out location, just throw a Tac-Bar ammo can into it and you’re set for a week for food (12,500cal) and water purification (10L). There is no silver bullet for survivalist food and no one wants to eat the same thing for extended periods. However, Tac-Bar has its place in any survivalists food plan. A free survival tin is now included, please visit the Tac-Bar website for more info on this and other great features of the Tac-Bar system.

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