The World’s Largest Private Bunker For Billionaires

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One day, the world could fall apart – and when it does, only the billionaires will be safe. Why? Because while the rest of us are fighting for survival, they’ll be locked in this impenetrable, mega-fortified, high-security, underground mountain bunker in Germany.

Forget about Area 51 and Fort Knox. Ladies and gentlemen, today, we’ve been granted exclusive access into what is widely considered the most impressive underground shelter on Earth. This is the doomsday bunker that eclipses all others.

The five-star survival complex is only accessible by the ultra-wealthy, and by invitation only. Thankfully, we’ve got our invitation letter right here. Ready to venture inside?

00:00 Intro
00:41 Mention location
00:55 Enter through the complex front door system
02:04 Tour living quarters
03:42 Leave living quarters, drive past a few common areas
04:19 Continue walking down a hallway
04:46 Arrive at the ‘control room’

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