Those £9.3 Mn Leaflets and Brexit Food Stockpiling!


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The verdict is in, those £9.3 million of Remain biassed leaflets printed and issued by the Cameron government to every household in the UK did influence voters.

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The Brexit side of the referendum campaign has received a lot of very one-sided flak in recent months regarding overspending.

But now the Independent Commission on Referendums has issued a report that points to the unfair advantage that the Remain side had because of the £9.3 million spent by the Cameron government on pro-EU biassed literature delivered to every household in the land.

In its report the Commission says:

“Less than three months before the EU referendum, the UK government spent £9.3 million of public funds distributing a leaflet entitled ‘Why the government believes that voting to remain in the EU is the best decision for the UK’, the purpose of which, it claimed, was ‘to help the public make an informed decision in the upcoming EU referendum’.”

It then went on to say that the leaflet drew criticism for being one-sided and that:

“In its post-referendum report, PACAC (the House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee) said the leaflet was ‘inappropriate and counterproductive for the government’.”

The Commission report includes the following conclusion:

“The Commission is concerned that the current restrictions on government during referendum campaigns permit potentially unlimited spending of public money in favour of one side of the debate before the final four weeks of the campaign.”

And it then recommends that the Section 125 restriction on what a government can send out to voters be extended to the start of the referendum regulated period, not just the last four weeks.

Now if that’s not an admission that the government pro-Remain leaflets swayed many voters against Brexit, then what would such an admission look like?

Now to the no-deal Brexit. Reuters says an IMF report is stating that the EU will take a 1.5 percent hit on its GDP should they allow the UK to walk away without a free trade deal. On top of that the Republic of Ireland would be the biggest losers here.

Here’s an extract from the Reuters report:

“The EU’s lost economic output in the case of no deal would cost the bloc around $250 billion, according to Reuters calculations based on the IMF’s estimate of the size of the EU economy excluding Britain this year.

“Lost employment could total 0.7 percent of the EU workforce, or more than a million jobs.”

Now before Brexiteers chuckle and Remainers try and dismiss this, I would like to point out that this is an IMF report. A report from a group that wishes to keep the UK inside the EU. A report from a body whose reports Brexiteers usually dismiss.

Also, this report only covers the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the EU, it does not cover any impact on the UK. Although the IMF has recently downgraded its assessment of future UK growth.

But I wouldn’t be surprised to see another IMF report in the coming weeks that seeks to redress that shortcoming and there are no prizes for guessing what that would say!

And moving to this side of the channel.

Regular watchers of my videos will remember that a couple of days ago I said that project fear would be massively ramped up in the next few months as we approach Brexit Day on the 29th March 2019, so as to justify extending the Article 50 negotiating period.

Well, Remain minded Tory MP Dominic Grieve has just issued the dire warning that a no-deal Brexit would cause a state of emergency in the UK.

“Former attorney general Dominic Grieve, a leading Conservative Remainer at Westminster, warned Britain leaving the EU without a deal would be ‘absolutely catastrophic’.” Reports Sky News.

Talking to the ‘Sophy Ridge on Sunday’ show he said:

“We’ve got to be realistic about this. We will be in a state of emergency.

“Basic services that we take for granted might not be available.”

But are we to see the establishment of a wartime style Ministry of Food and reports that ration books for everything from bread to meat to alcohol to tobacco etc are being printed and issued ready for use?


How the Ministry of Food managed food rationing in World War Two

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