Top 10 Candy Bars America Wished They Had

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Candy Bars America Wished They Had. Everyone loves candy bars, but these are 10 candy bars you can’t get in America.
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Some candy bars are hard for Americans to get their hands on. This is a shame because they are delicious! Today, it’s time to look at some candy bars from other nations. Try them when you’re traveling to other countries. All of these candy bars offer a unique and exciting taste. So get those taste buds ready and let’s unwrap 10 candy bars America wished they had.

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0:28 Kinder Bueno & Kinder Surprise
2:15 Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats in Japan
3:57 The Prince Polo Is Popular In Poland
5:23 Coffee Crisp in Canada
7:12 Ovomaltine Chocolate Bars Are A Swiss Delight
8:30 Smarties, but not those Smarties
9:53 Cherry Ripe Is From Australia
11:16 Double Decker Bar in the United Kingdom
12:31 Horalky Is a Slovakian Sensation
13:56 Aero Bars Have Stellar Mouth Feel

– These delicious chocolate bars are made by the famous Italian company Ferrero. The word Bueno has Spanish origins and means “good” or “tasty”. They come packed with a creamy hazelnut filling, a wafer shell to give the candy bar a wonderful crunch, all surrounded by creamy chocolate.
– Japan loves Kit Kats, this obsession lead to the creation of what has to be one of the coolest candy bar creations ever made, Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats. These are Kit Kats that you bake and make yourself at home!
– This candy bar is a time-honored favorite in Poland. In fact, it’s the most popular candy bar in the country. If you ever get the chance to try a Prince Polo, be sure to indulge. You’ll love munching on this candy bar’s chocolate-covered wafers.
– This one might be the most confusing on the entire list. Why? Well coffee is global, essentially available everywhere in the world coffee is as global as products get. So you would think a delicious candy bar featuring chocolatey coffee goodness would also be a worldwide hit, but you’d be wrong.
– The Swiss town of Ovomaltine was once home to a pharmacist. His name was Georg Wander. He was a doctor who wanted to do his bit to lower the rate of child mortality. In 1865, which was during his time, some children perished due to lack of proper nutrition.
– While these are technically not a candy bar, Smarties are chocolate candies and boy are they good! These little candy coated chocolate spheres are indeed also unique to Canada, you will not find them south of the border, though that’s a complicated subject.
– Cherry fans in America may wish that they could buy Cherry Ripe chocolate bars in the USA. These bars come from Australia and they’ve been around since the 1920s. Despite huge cultural shifts, this candy bar still reigns in the Land Down Under.
– Yes, it’s named after the bus of the same name, and yes it’s from the UK where those very buses reside. The buses were even used in marketing the candy bar.
– The Horalky is a candy bar that was invented due to a food shortage in 1960s Slovakia. At that time, hazelnuts were in short supply. Typically, hazelnuts were a component in wafers. Bakers changed it up to cope with the shortage. They started utilizing peanuts, rather than hazelnuts.
– Aero bars are delicious. This enticing treat comes from candy mega-company, Nestlé. You’ll find these bars, which have a unique texture that’s aerated, thanks to plenty of air bubbles within the chocolate, in a host of countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa.

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