Top 10 Foods That Expire FAST

List of the top 10 foods that expire fast. Watch out! these 10 foods are probably expired in your fridge right now. Did you know the list of foods that spoil the fastest at home and your refrigerator?
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Knowing how quickly food goes bad is helpful, because it can help you do your groceries and plan your meals in a way that minimizes the amount of food that goes to waste. So that you don’t have to do all the research yourself, we’ve put together a list of the top culprits. And some of them might surprise you. Here are the top ten foods that expire the fastest.

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0:00 Foods That Expire The Fastest
0:24 Tomato Sauce
1:34 Hummus
2:43 Bananas
4:06 Broccoli
5:14 Packaged Greens
6:30 Wine
7:43 Fish
8:55 Fresh Berries
10:19 Deli Meat
11:41 Avocados

– The “best by” date on a jar of tomato sauce might trick you into thinking that this incredibly versatile product is the last thing in your fridge you have to worry about expiring.
– It turns out that, even if it’s stored in a sealed container and kept refrigerated, preservative-free hummus is only good for three to four days.
– When they ripen, bananas let off ethylene gas, which causes nearby fruits and veggies to ripen much more quickly than they would’ve if left to their own devices.
– Just like any other fresh produce, a fresh head of broccoli needs to be eaten relatively quickly.
– It’s best to eat your packaged greens as early as possible and to throw out any leftovers a few days before that “best by” date comes around.
– It doesn’t matter if that bottle cost $10 dollars or $100 dollars, when the cork is popped, oxygen immediately starts breaking down the compounds in the wine.
– A piece of fresh fish shouldn’t be left in the fridge for more than two days. This means that you should have a game plan in mind when you buy it.
– If you were to leave a container of berries out on your counter and they somehow managed to remain uneaten for a couple of days, you’d quickly notice them getting soggy, discolored, and even moldy.
– You can keep your deli meat good longer by storing it in the coldest part of your fridge, whether that’s all the way in the back, or tucked into a meat drawer.
– If you keep them on your kitchen counter, you’ll be lucky if your most recently bought avocados last four days.

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