Trapped in Underground Bunker by Pond Monster Twins!!! (NEED YOUR HELP!!)

Pond Monster Trapped Grace Sharer!!! Will she get out?!

You saw in Grace Sharer last vlog “AMONG US in REAL LIFE with POND MONSTER TWINS (Imposter IQ 999)” Grace Sharer was at the Sharer Fam house and received a TOP SECRET MYSTERY PACKAGE with a challenge to play AMONG US IN REAL LIFE for 24 HOURS. The POND MONSTER TWINS dropped off the package and unstructured Grace Sher to complete the AMONG US CHALLENGE. In Grace Sharer BRAND NEW vlog for 2020, Grace Sharer is CAPTURED BY POND MONSTER at a TOP SECRET LOCATION away from the Sharer Fam House. Grace Sher lost the game of AMONG US IN REAL LIFE and had her brand new iPhone 12 hacked by a MYSTERY PERSON. The POND MONSTER mystery creature keeps telling Grace Sharer to BECOME ONE WITHIN and look at the book club book for TOP SECRET CLUES. In the UNDERGROUND BUNKER Grace Shar finds a GOLD TREASURE MAP and a picture of the PINK AND GREEN MASK person. Once Grace Sharer reaches 2 million subscribers there will be a TOP SECRET SURPRISE and Grace will be free from the 24 HOUR CHALLENGE. Watch today’s vlog for BRAND NEW EVIDENCE and HIDDEN CLUES REVEALED!!

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