Underground Bunker

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It’s easy to be alarmist about the possibility of an ‘end time’ event, and these days there are several very real scenarios unfolding that could be life threatening, whether it be ecological, biological or a devastating nuclear war.

Some of us remember the 1960s when the fear of a nuclear holocaust was uppermost in many people’s mind, and many pioneers built there own survival shelter in the form of an underground bunker. Inevitably, they were often less than perfect and protection from biological and nuclear disasters was definitely not assured.

Modern survival bunkers constructed by professionals reflect state-of-the-art techniques which guarantee safe living conditions for up to one year!

vivos-quantumVIVOS shelters not only provide everything you could possibly need for a whole year of healthy living away from large scale life-threatening events, but the living conditions are very agreeable and reflect the modern life styles we have all become used to. For example, the kitchens are well appointed and the overall floor plan layout shows considerable expertise in blending efficient living with a touch of comfort, right from the main room seating to the extra long beds.

If you prefer a private underground bunker to safeguard your family, then the basic Quantum module may be just what you are looking for. This stainless steel unit is designed for a family of 6 to 8 and is truly modular in concept. For example, each unit can be connected in a cross or star shape to create a multi-family or community shelter for like-minded neighbors, or extended family groups. The combination of Quantum units that can be connected in this way is almost unlimited and provides a customized approach to community survival at a local level.

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