Valley Food Storage Review: The Best Long-Term Emergency Food Storage Option?


Valley Food Storage offers a wide variety of freeze dried food options. These long-term foods are perfect for stocking up on in case of an emergency or even if you’re just going camping.

You probably don’t think of freeze dried food as tasting good, at least I didn’t. That changed when I tried their Irish Pub Cheddar Potato soup. It actually tasted pretty good for having a shelf life of up to 25 years.

In addition to the long-term meals, they also offer healthy freeze dried fruit options. While you can rehydrate them to give them more flavor, I actually prefer to eat them freeze dried. It reminds me of eating a crunchy fruit cereal.

Other than the wide variety of meals and snacks that they offer, they also have one of the best “satisfaction guarantees” that we’ve seen. If you have any issues with their products, get in touch with them and they’ll resolve it asap.

Overall, I’m impressed with what they offer!

Disclaimer: We received a free box of Valley Food items for our honest opinion. We were not compensated for our review.

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