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Freeze dried food is probably the most popular meal option for serious backpackers and preppers for several reasons. It’s light, nutritious, and easy to prepare. What (if any) place should freeze dried food fill in someone’s emergency preparation plan?

In this episode Rusty and Chris cover the benefits of including freeze dried meals in your bug out / prep plan and they taste test two of the most popular commercial options: Mountain House and ReadyWise.

Fifty pound buckets of wheat and a freezer full of meat won’t do you much good if you have to hit the road or the trail. This is where freeze dried food comes in. Including freeze dried meals in your 72-hour kits, go bags, or bug out bags SHOULD save you weight, work, and frustration. Part of the E2E team’s evaluation considers these factors in addition to simply what tastes better between the two compared options. [In case you’re interested, the Mountain House packets used in this video are six years old.]

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0:02:36 Meal Prep
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