Winter Bushcraft Underground Shelter, Earthen Fireplace, Solo Overnight Camping, Snow forest

Hi my friend, my English is bad, so I will try to tell you without words what is happening in this video, Bushcraft solo overnight in the wild 🙂

I dug a hole for the future bushcraft dugout. This work requires a lot of physical strength and time. When I dug a hole almost to my height, I started building the front wall from logs. The handle of my large saw broke, I had to make a new handle from sticks and continue working. The saw cut a lot of wood, this wood will be used for the construction of the side and back walls of the future dugout. The outer walls are ready. Now I need to dig the entrance to the dugout and build the inner walls. It will get colder soon. We’ll have to finish building an underground shelter in a snowy forest. I dug a hole outside the dugout and connected it to the dugout from the inside. The result is an integrated clay fireplace. I cut some wood with a hand saw, split it with an ax, and threw it all into an earthen oven. The fireplace worked well, it was quite warm. The overnight stay in the dugout was comfortable. In the morning I went to the field to collect grass. I tied the collected grass into bundles, then I tied all these bundles into one. The result is the front door. Now the log underground shelter is ready.

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