WRAP Settlers begin packing up their homes, stockpiling food

(11 Aug 2005) SHOTLIST

Peat Sadeh settlement, Gaza Strip
1. Entrance to Peat Sadeh settlement saying “Welcome to Gush Katif”
2. Israeli tank on outskirts of settlement
3. House being dismantled
4. Workers on roof
5. Empty kitchen
6. Wide shot of removals van
7. Workers carrying furniture into van
8. People carrying boxes out of house
9. Girl playing with dolls
10. Close up dolls
11. Workers carrying kitchen appliances out of house
12. Wide shot removals van next to empty house
13. Close up Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers in evacuated house
14. Various soldiers around evacuated house

Neve Dekalim settlement, Gaza Strip
15. Sign of postal office coming down
16. Sign being taken away by men
17. Interior of post office
18. Men organising office
19. Poster of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on wall
20. Sign on shop “50 percent off”
21. Women inside shop
22. Supermarket at Neve Dekalim
23. People in supermarket with shopping carts
24. Crowd outside
25. Crowd at cash machine


As the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip looms, bringing to an end nearly 40 years of occupation of that Palestinian territory, more Israeli families from the large Gush Katif settlement bloc have begun leaving.

The Peat Sadeh settlement in Gush Katif, in southern Gaza, is looking more and more like a ghost-town with each day, as settlers continued packing Thursday.

Settlers have stripped their houses of everything from faucets to kitchen cabinets. Anything deemed usable has been taken by the residents to their new homes.

Meanwhile, the Neve Dekalim settlement the mail office – the only one in the whole Gush Katif settlement bloc – has been closed.

Supermarkets have stocked up on supplies but their shelves have been quickly emptied, as are the cash-machines.

It is not clear if some residents will offer resistance to the Israeli troops responsible for the pullout. So far, settler leaders have advocated a non-violent response from settlers.

Beginning Wednesday, Israel plans to uproot all 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza, ending 38 years occupation in the coastal strip, along with four small enclaves in the West Bank.

Israel and the Palestinians will set up a joint operation centre to monitor Israel’s imminent withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Israeli and Palestinian security officials said Thursday.

Beginning Sunday, it will operate around the clock.

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